Ocean Grove - Town Sign Design Competition

Many towns have great Town Signs - we want you to design one for Ocean Grove !

What does Ocean Grove mean to you? 


Surf, friends, family, golf, work, community, fishing, netball, cricket, the list is endless. As Ty Simons says, “a sign welcoming locals home and visitors to our town is a great way to arrive into Ocean Grove and is much needed.  We are the biggest town on the Bellarine and should be leading the way in this and so much more.  This competition is a great way to get the community involved.”


 Phil Edwards adds “ the current sign on Wallington Road is a boring metal sign that in no way reflects the character of our town. This competition is a great opportunity for community members to put forward their ideas on what the entrance signs could look like including 2 or 3 dimensional signs or sculptures,”


Gill likes the idea of a nature feature which goes along well with Rotary’s new focus on environment although she hastens to add ‘roaring not boring and by roaring I mean eye catching.'


In the 1950’s “Ocean Grove was promoted as providing families with a wholesome and healthy holiday, combining sporting, social and community activities with prayer meetings and church services.” 


Anyone who has travelled through regional Australia would understand the importance many towns place on their welcome signs, not just to communicate useful information, but also to establish and project an identity of place.


City walls and city gates are ancient phenomena and a vital element in their control and governance: in collecting taxes, resisting contagions and excluding real or perceived trouble makers.  But the most important role of past city gates is representational: a signboard conveying public information, a surface for the display of power through heraldic shields and ornament , a means of warning- telling citizens and visitors what would befall them if they disobeyed the rules of the city.


The fortified walls of most cities have long been dismantled by shifts in technology, city gates giving way to train stations, airports and freeways.  In Australia there has never been a walled city as such.  The things that really condition the entry experience into an Australian town these days are distance and speed and roadside town signs.


The signs which are locally designed give them the charm of idiosyncrasy rather than the uniform visual style of a tourism agency. They are wildly diverse in size, shape, wording and selection of images in their message, their way of saying WELCOME.


We need a sign or sculptures that have a positive impact on local economic development and tourism which will look great year after year and speak to the character of our town. No design is too silly or too serious.


To enter simply create your drawing or artwork as follows:


- It must be A4 size to be displayed in the window of a local cafe

- You must write your name, age and contact phone number on the back

- Drop off your entry to Driftwood Café, 64D The Terrace, Ocean Grove any time  or email a scanned picture to rotaryclubogrove@gmail.com

- Entries close 5 pm Friday March 26, 2021 …

- Entry is FREE; Multiple entries welcome

Winners will be judged by the Rotary Club of Ocean Grove.

We will take pictures of ALL drawings entered and post all the pictures (without names if preferred) on Rotary fb.