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Membership of our Club

Firstly, we WELCOME new members ....... but we need to make sure that prospective members:

- are aware the expectations involved.

- find that the Club is a 'good fit' for them.

To facilitate these aims, we have a process that includes being able to attend two meetings to experience what happens and to get to know members, processes and activities. At these meetings, you dine as our guest.


After that, you have the choice of deciding whether or not you wish to proceed with your membership application. If you do, it goes to the Board and members for approval and then your'e one of us !

Rotary Supporters:

If you don't feel you have the time to commit to becoming a member, we

also have a category called Rotary Supporter. 

This enables you to participate in activities that are of specific interest to you.

If you'd like to discuss the process personally, we'd be happy to catchup for

a chat at any time that suited. Please call our Membership Director,

Graeme Batrouney, on 0418 395 743 or send him an email on


You can download a one page overview of the membership process here