Bali Smiles

Balinese School Students Sponsored by Ocean Grove Rotary Ocean Grove.


Rotary has partnered with Bali Smiles to pay a sponsorship fee for six students to attend school for a year. This project fits with the provision of basic education and literacy which is one of Rotary area of focus. 

Bali Smiles is a sponsorship program to assist impoverished Balinese families in the village of Munti Gunung send their children to school. Village assistance includes free health care at the Bali Smiles Health Clinic, a rice sponsorship program and livestock provision. See more at:

Four students are attending junior high school near Munti Gunung and one student is attending junior high secondary school in Kuta.  The sixth student is commencing senior high school, near Munti Gunung. The sponsorship pays for school tuition fees, uniforms, student workbooks and stationary items.

Students and parents are very thankful for the opportunity to continue their schooling.  Gede Mangun’s mother said ‘Thank you so much, thank you for helping us. I thought my son would not get help, but, it has happened!’

Jan Johannesen of 'Bali Smiles' said "The name Bali Smiles came about from seeing the happy smiles on childrens’ faces when told they would be able to go to school, a basic right we take for granted. There were happy tears, shock and disbelief and then messages of heartfelt thanks from the families to the members of Ocean Grove Rotary Club for making this possible".

“Her mother was in tears as finally she can pay the school”

“Wayan so happy that ketut can go on to school. They are really happy and so thankful”

“look how bright their smiles are, They arereally thankful”

Thank you so much, thank you for helping us. I thought my son would not get help, but, it has happened!