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Lookout Reserve Maintenance Roster 2023


This is a community service that the club has undertaken since 2009 to remind council that we have “adopted” this reserve and are committed to its maintenance and improvement.

Rostered members should aim to visit the reserve on the nominated Sunday (or soon after) for the following tasks.

1.              Picking up any rubbish and placing it in the bins provided

2.              Wiping down each history panel that needs it (bird poo etc.)

3.              Checking the playground equipment and drink fountain

4.              Inspect Picnic Tables and clean seating if necessary

5.              Reporting any graffiti, equipment, vegetation or grass problems that may need attention to Noel Emselle 0411 755 743. Or use the Geelong City app to “Report a problem”

Equipment recommended; Work gloves, Spray and Wipe Cleaner, Cleaning cloth/rags, Garbage bag or bucket. 

The location can be windy and isolated so keep personal safety in mind and avoid bad light or weather or take a partner.

If you are unable to fulfil these duties on your nominated date or within a few days after, please arrange a swap with another member or advise Noel Emselle - 0411 755 743.

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