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Brief report on Scholarship Distribution – Simara, Bara, Nepal

Shree Nepal Rastriya Secondary School, Bakuliya, Bara, Nepal

On 17th July 2022, the team of Seven Women Nepal – Renuka Manandhar- Country Director SWN, Padam Shrestha- Operation head, along with volunteer Menuka Ghale visited Bara district for scholarship distribution for 75 students in Shree Nepal Rastriya Sec. School, Bara, Nepal.

Despite the hot weather, all the students and school management team along with the members of ward no. 5 were present. The school administration extended their gratitude toward Seven Women Nepal for supporting their students for 5 years.

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Our newest members!

Our members are shown here with club President Peter Cowburn after their induction.

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Marita Scott. 

... and Delia Naumann. 


The scholarship was distributed to students from Grade 1 to Grade 12. Students were very thankful and happy for being able to study just because of this scholarship because they were not in the state of paying off their school bills by themselves. The newly elected Ward Chairman expressed his gratitude to the Seven Women Nepal for our support and he showed his interest to help the rest of the students through government level in possible ways.

We distributed the admission fees, schoolbooks, and stationaries to each student. Snacks were distributed to all the participants in the program. It was a 4-hour long program. Most of the students were from very poor background, many had single parents or orphaned. Seeing the scholarship distributed, many other new students who were not in the list also approached for the help for themselves. The team shall assess the situation and take background reports of these students and see how support can be extended.

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Students who received scholarship through Ocean Grove Rotary:

1. KhushiSreeBastab–Grade2.    2. ArchanaChaudhary–Grade4
3. ArjunMajhi–Grade1.    4. BikiMajhi–Grade2

5. KiranSahani–Grade2.   6. ArchanaChaudhary–Grade3
7. AmritaKuswah–Grade9.      8. KhushiSah–Grade5

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Oral Histories

Oral History of the lower Bellarine Peninsula recorded by the

Rotary Club of Ocean Grove


During last year’s COVID lockdown, the Rotary Club of Ocean Grove began an Oral History project to record the memories of long-term residents of the lower Bellarine Peninsula. The first seven interviews were released in January 2021. Club members have been continuing to interview people who lived or holidayed in the area during the 1940s to 1970s period, and some memories go to even earlier times. There are now eighteen interviews which can be viewed on the Club’s website Video and audio versions of each interview are available. So far, there have been almost 500 views of these interviews. More will be added as they come available.  Project leader, Ann Hodgkinson said "This project has made an important contribution to recording the history of the lower Bellarine area from the point of view of the local residents. I thank all the narrators and Rotarians who gave their time to make it happen."


Watch interviews

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