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Oral Histories

Oral History of the lower Bellarine Peninsula recorded by the

Rotary Club of Ocean Grove


During last year’s COVID lockdown, the Rotary Club of Ocean Grove began an Oral History project to record the memories of long-term residents of the lower Bellarine Peninsula. The first seven interviews were released in January 2021. Club members have been continuing to interview people who lived or holidayed in the area during the 1940s to 1970s period, and some memories go to even earlier times. There are now eighteen interviews which can be viewed on the Club’s website Video and audio versions of each interview are available. So far, there have been almost 500 views of these interviews. More will be added as they come available.  Project leader, Ann Hodgkinson said "This project has made an important contribution to recording the history of the lower Bellarine area from the point of view of the local residents. I thank all the narrators and Rotarians who gave their time to make it happen."


Watch interviews

Deakin Project - White Mangroves

A group of students from Deakin University conducted a study of our club's White Mangroves proposal and presented their findings to a group at Deakin. Watch the video of their findings here.

They produced an informative brochure details the motivations behind the idea. It can be downloaded here.

Our newest members!

Our members are shown here with club President Peter Cowburn after their induction.

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Marita Scott. 

... and Delia Naumann. 


... and  Paul Brewster. 

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... and  our newest member, Jenny Clair 

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