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12 th Annual Rotary Art Show Results:

Best Overall Work of Art in Show Rotary Club of Ocean Grove Inc.: $2500:

Artist name: Sandra Kenny Entry Title: The World is Ours Cat. No. 95

Painting First Prize - $1000 Wynndean Holiday Resort

Artist name: Bill Linford Entry Title: Thursday Market Cat. No. 105

Painting Second Prize - $500. Anonymous donor.

Artist name: Nell Frysteen Entry Title: Daniella’s Glassware Cat. No. 66

Print Making First Prize - $750. Bill and Joan Steains:

Artist name: Susan Matthews Entry Title: Banksia Gathering II Cat. No. 109

Print Making Second Prize - $300 Bill and Joan Steains:

Artist name: John McLumpha Entry Title: The Hedge Cat. No. 111

Drawing First Prize - $750. Bill and Joan Stains

Artist name: Gavan Serle Entry Title: The Old Mooring Cat. No. 146

Drawing Second Prize - $300. Bill and Joan Steains

Artist name: Kerry-Anne Sullivan Entry Title: The Marble Players Cat. No. 160

Australian Flora and Fauna First Prize - $750 King’s Funerals

Artist name: Denise Krajnc Entry Title: Ethereal Watchman Cat. No. 100

Australian Flora and Fauna Second Prize - $300 Anonymous

Artist name: Helen Hewitt Entry Title: Flora & Fauna of Coastal Victoria Cat. No. 80


Abstract / Semi Abstract First Prize - $750 Geoff Brentnall

Artist name: Kaz Shirley Entry Title: Getting There Cat. No. 149

Abstract / Semi Abstract Second Prize - $300 Geoff Brentnall

Artist name: Jude Elmer Entry Title: Lost Numbers Cat. No.52

People's Choice Prize - as voted by the public $1000 Geoff Brentnall

Artist name: Denis Sonogan.  Entry Title: Seagulls   Cat. No. 154

Four Highly Commended Awards of $200 each Sponsored by Anonymous donors.

1. Artist name: Anne Finkelde Entry Title: Proteacea Cat. No. 60

2 Artist name: Elizabeth Towers Entry Title: Untitled Cat. No. 171

3. Artist name: Alison Fincher. Entry Title: Rockpool Cat. No. 56

4. Artist name: David Jarman Entry Title: Couta Boat with Fish Cat. No. 86


The world is ours


Banksia Gathering


Thursday Market


Ethereal Watchman


Getting There


The Old Mooring

Raffle Prize Winners​

1st Prize - painting by Jo Reitze - $800 - Bill Walton

2nd Prize - Mixed dozen wine - $380 - Katrina Leahy

3rd Prize - Petrol Voucher - $300 - Ange Goddard

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