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Terms & Conditions

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At around 1pm on Saturday 30th of March, all ducks will be launched from the Barwon Heads Bridge. The winner will be the first duck, according the decision of race officials, to reach the finish line near the Ozone St. Jetty. If, due to weather conditions, no duck has reached the finish the duck leading after 40 πminutes swimming time will be declared winner.


Race stewards will act as boundary umpires along the riverbank and duck deemed to have become beached will be officially re-entered the race in the similar, fair manner of a football umpire.

The duck race judge's decision on the day will be final and no correspondence will be entered into. In the event of landing by U.F.O’s or simply really bad weather, the judge may decide to cancel the race so, the winner will be decided by a 'plucka-duck' competition, involving all ducks on the river bank.


Prize winners will be announced after the race and prizes will be distributed on that day. The lucky winners will be notified by text or email regarding any prizes not collected on the day. Names of prize winners may be published on the Barwon Heads Association website facebook page and the Ocean Grove Rotary website and face book pages. You can check prizes on


At the conclusion of the race, ducks will be collected ready to commence their winter training.


Organised by the Rotary Club of Ocean Grove

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